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Blackjack Odds

Learn More about Blackjack Odds

Face Up 21

This particular kind of blackjack game, you can receive payout at odds of even money whenever you get a blackjack hand. Any player who gets the blackjack is guaranteed to win whenever he and the dealer gets the hand.

Another variation to this game is called Double Exposure. Whenever a player produces a blackjack hand at even money, they will also end up a winner for that game. Both the cards of the player and the dealer are dealt with face up such that the dealer is aware of the odds.

Super Fun 21

Like the Face Up 21, any player with the blackjack hand receives a payout at even money. However, this is not possible in case the person holds a suit of Diamonds. If this is the case, the payout increases to a more favorable 2-1.

Blackjack Switch

Another popular type of blackjack game is called Blackjack Switch. Like all the others described above, you will be paid at even money whenever you have shown a blackjack hand and this represents the house edge for this game. The payout average for this blackjack game is lower than average though at 0.17% but it is nonetheless a good game to play for anyone who is interested with playing blackjack in general.

Single Deck Payouts

Depending on which casino you are playing on, there are some that enable you to play a game with a single deck of Blackjack cards to deal with. Although it might appear to be a low house edge at the surface and might give you confidence that you are in for a good deal, you need to look more closely into the payout average for this game as listed in the table layout. The payout average for this game stands at 6 to 5 for a Blackjack hand.

In comparison to other games, this is a very low payout and will considerably impact your winnings. Thus, most players bust out of this game 8 times more quickly than they would with any other blackjack games, irrespective of the odds.