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EU Gambling

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The issues of gambling and how it is being run might be widely accepted nowadays, but the legal issues that go with it are not altogether gotten rid of. In Europe, issues of betting monopolies and gambling addiction by public are all far too prominent to ignore. However, a recent ruling by the European Union top court has declared that there is no truth to such claims and they have the evidence to prove it.

In continental Europe, there has been an ongoing legal battle between the governments against the gambling companies. The former is aiming to monopolize these companies but the latter are fighting back.

EU and Gambling

Just recently, the European Union's top court has given the gambling companies a rare victory after they have loosened the control that the government has over running such gambling establishments. It is after the European Union has gained evidenced that shown how restrictions done on German betting violated the EU law. This is particularly true with monopolies done in the continental Europe area.

According to the European Court of Justice, the claim that there is a monopoly in the German state betting lacks consistent proof. Thus, they have ruled out that it is not enough to restrict the public from engaging in gambling activities since there is no evidence of it causing gambling addiction amongst the public.